Friday, February 26, 2010

What is "Just Right"?

"Just Right" is an encouraging feeling. "Just right" isn't "almost there" or an "unpeeled banana". "Just Right" is a fruit as in "the success of hard work" the peel, a package protecting the giving fruit. The fruit, born not to long ago, the ripe-in-ing journey, a river and the different velocities that it goes. The peel has covered the fruit, celebrating the fruition soon to come. "just right" is a feeling, "just right" is simply "just right" so "Just Right" is.........

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New songs!

New songs from Tommy Peacock are co-written by producer, Jimmy Young. Get your first listen live at Paladino's Thursday, November 12th. "Elevator Shaft" starts with some honky-tonk swagger and builds into a powerful rock song. The song deals in finding a new way, "to the top of this city!" using the elevator shaft rather than the first attempt up, on a smooth elevator ride. "Song for the Masses" a simple, catchy, anthemic tune is a "Baba O'Reilly" with punk delivery. This will be the first single off the upcoming ep. And finally "The Story of a Hollywood Night" tells a true story of a California transplant from Idaho who teeders on the edge of composure, battling a lifestyle of hard porn and hard drugs. And also new bass player "Jeff Stretch" anchors the band in there accent up the elevator shaft! Check it Nov. 12th at Paladino's! Thanks,

Shirley Fantastic

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Solo Artist

This has been the hardest point in my career. I quit my last band because I felt I could do better on my own. MY OWN like Solo, like Solo Artist. Let's think of some solo artists.......... John Mayer, Billy Idol, mmmmmmmm Elvis Presley, Micheal Jackson! Pretty good list huh??!! Well, this is what I'm shooting for. I started writing as soon as "The Gas" ran out, recorded the best three songs out of 30 that I wrote, it cost about $2000 and took about three four months. The songs good, but not great. As the vibe died down from the first recording session I limped back to the lab with the pen and the pad and began churning out more ideas. Hopefully before 2010 I'll be able to record the stuff that can get me to the next stage. I feel good about it. I am determined to better myself and live up to being a solo artist.

Friday, October 16, 2009

North Hollywood Rehearsals

In the heat we give it all. Running through numbers such as "The Story of a Hollywood Night", "Song for the Masses" and "Not Ready to go" the ease of the band increases with each pass. "Not Ready to go" a love song inspired by close friend and spiritual guru expands the band's dynamic to new height. Pat Martin (drummer of The Feathers) just graduated from Musicians Institute and took the obvious next step by renting a room at D and D Music Complex where great drummers such as Ray Luzier and Tommy Clufetos also honed their craft. CD Rios (bass) fresh off from fashion week takes his musical savvy and delivers ideas and bass lines that push the music to it's limit. Tommy is Tommy squeezing every ounce of sweat, emotion and attitude out of his body and delivering it straight into the wall. This is practice folks be sure to catch Tommy Peacock and the Feathers live at Palidino's November 12th with Hillbilly Herald. Be sure to check out